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Richard Treadgold

Richard Treadgold

FastProof — fast, accurate, inexpensive

We are proofreaders

Send us your English document and errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar will be polished away. Your anxiety will fade as your reputation grows.

We check 2000 words for $25 (GST inc.)

We accept WORD or ACROBAT (PDF) files from around the world.

We can check magazines, websites, brochures, advertisements, newsletters, manuals, proposals, billboards and more. FastProof cannot read academic papers, some scientific material or poor English (but WordShine can help).

Your writing polished in four easy steps

FastProof — fast, accurate, inexpensive

If you think your writing needs more work than mere proofreading, have a chat with us, or visit our mother ship, WordShine; they can polish anything. Learn more about what we do — and what we don’t do.

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