Proofreading for everyone

Do I need FastProof?


There are times to be casual, when the informality of relaxed standards can be a great pleasure. But you’re a professional too, and there are occasions when your business or personal writing must be of high quality. Times when the reputation of your busness could be tamished by writing misstakes — when no laps in standerds, is permissable!

Did you notice our deliberate mistakes in that sentence — how many can you find? When you’re sure you’ve found them all, check the answers.

Like background radiation

“If they leave spelling mistakes in their marketing material, they’re not trying very hard, are they? I mean, it’s not difficult — they just don’t care. I wouldn’t buy from them.” That’s a hard-won opportunity lost and a sale gone begging — but you won’t know about it, and it might be years before those buyers lose their prejudice against you. So proofreading your major business documents should be like your attitude to background radiation — you accept that you just can’t avoid it. Call us now. Won’t take long.


In your personal life you could need a proofreader to check the most important documents you write, such as your curriculum vitae, a newsletter or magazine article — perhaps an important letter and certainly a web site.

Everyone makes mistakes — that’s no surprise — what you need is a way to catch them. Your customers notice when you make avoidable mistakes, so their confidence in you falters. Don’t risk it. Get the assurance that only a professional proofreader can give. Contact FastProof.