Proofreading for everyone

Urgent delivery options

Here are our three seriously focused lead times. Which one do you need?

  • Fast ($25)within 18 business hours (two business days).
  • Speedy ($25 + $25)within 9 business hours (one business day).
  • Urgent ($50 + $50)within 4 business hours (same day, even after hours, if possible).

We calculate FastProof delivery times using business hours: each business day is nine business hours long, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (not including weekends or public holidays). Our normal service plan is to return your polished document within two business days, but we’ve set hurry-up prices for when you need them:

Normal FastProof service is Fast, within 18 business hours (at 9 hours per day). Pay an extra $25 for Speedy, to shrink the lead time to 9 business hours (you might get it back the same day) and $75 for Urgent. Total cost for a 2000-word block is $50 for Speedy and $100 for Urgent.

Normal service will normally be fast enough, but for the rare adventure when you’re desperate to buy what usually isn’t for sale — time itself — our Speedy or Urgent service could win you the game.