Proofreading for everyone

Files we accept

We can handle text in all major file formats, including OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect and others. We’re happiest dealing with plain text files. Mac files must be converted to a suitable format to be opened on the PC.

We regret we cannot accept desktop publishing files such as Corel Ventura, Indesign, Quark Express, Publisher or similar. FastProof can still check your writing, but please extract the text into a text file before sending it to us.

PDF files

We can proofread pdf files, but we can’t correct the text. We have to describe each correction, so we add a handling charge of $20.00 per pdf file. Sometimes, seeing the text in the final layout actually helps us to correct it, so we like getting the pdf of the finished document. To avoid the extra charge, just send us an editable text file as well.

Layout and formatting

Plain text files are best. Word processing programs sometimes change the layout when we alter the text, and regrettably we cannot always restore the formatting to the way it was. However, we cannot accept liability for any changes resulting from the corrections we make.

To help preserve the original formatting, we advise you to keep a spare copy of the original document, send us the plain text from it, then copy and paste the polished text back into its original place in the original document. You might have to reapply any local changes you originally applied to the text, such as making it bold or changing the font, and so on.