Proofreading for everyone

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FastProof corrects your writing — it makes no pretensions to editing. That is, we don’t try to improve what you say. We assume we couldn’t say it any better than you’ve said it yourself, and we just correct mistakes. That’s why it’s fast and inexpensive.

FastProof is inexpensive professional proofreading, delivered quickly. Read more about what we do.


For $25.00 (including GST) we’ll proofread up to 2000 words. Read more about prices.

Delivery options

Fast gets back to you tomorrow; Speedy is returned within nine hours; Urgent within four hours. Read more about delivery options.

Files we accept

We handle all major file formats, including OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect and plain text files (plain text files are best).

We cannot accept Mac files or desktop publishing files such as Corel Ventura, Indesign, Quark Express, Publisher or similar. FastProof can still check your writing, but please extract the text into a text file before sending it to us.

We can mark up pdf files, but they are not editable, so we add a handling charge of $20.00 per file unless it’s accompanied by an editable text file. Read more about files.