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Proofreading for everyone

Online banking

Check that you’ve entered the correct price.

Have your bank account details handy and log in to your online banking service.

Please credit

WordShine Ltd, at the National Bank,
account no. 06-0273-0265354-00.

IMPORTANT: On the bank payment screen, there are three fields available: Particulars, Code and Reference. Use them to identify yourself, your company (if applicable) and the number of words in your order. Of course, they should match what your email will say! Please type in your Name or Company, the file name (abbreviated to the first characters if necessary) and one delivery option — Fast, Speedy or Urgent. Make the payment payable immediately (which means overnight).

After entering the payment, go to Email the file to send us your document. We will begin work as soon as we see the payment in our account (thank you).