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Richard and Ann

Richard and Ann

My name is Richard Treadgold and I’m married to Ann. I’ve been writing one thing or another all my life.

My first company was a manual writing service which started in 1985. For 15 years I wrote software manuals for leading New Zealand companies such as NZI Life, Southern Cross Medical Care Society, Air New Zealand, Kiwiplan, Right Hemisphere, Fletcher Challenge, Clear Communications, Goodman Fielder Watties and Stephen’s Pharmaceuticals (became Zeulig Pharmaceuticals). Later there were numerous editing and writing assignments for Tool Magazine (as sub-editor) and countless smaller clients.

Then I shifted into editing and proofreading. I have edited research reports, theses and doctoral dissertations for hundreds of university students. I’ve had countless proofreading assignments, including major jobs for Croxley Stationery.

I was trained in proofreading years ago at the NZ Herald and I still love it. It’s a great pleasure to remove mistakes and know everyone will be happy.

Proofreading is needed more than ever, because knowledge of good writing has declined, yet it’s hard to find a proofreader. It’s my mission to make quality, affordable proofreading available to everyone — ready for when they need it. Proofreading for everyone.

FastProof aims to be known by every organisation that sends out written communications.