Proofreading for everyone

What we do

We proofread your writing.

Not checking your writing is foolhardy, yet full-on editing is expensive. FastProof gives you the best possible compromise: proofreading. We’re professional and we’re outside your business so we’re objective. Our only task is to correct spelling, punctuation and basic grammar. In that single task we’re faithful, swift and inexpensive.

What is proofreading?

We’ve heard the term, but what exactly does it cover? Editing and proofreading overlap a great deal and their definitions are loose. Editing usually includes any text improvements, including complete rewriting. Proofreading is less extensive — it’s generally limited to correcting errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar, and that’s how we use it at FastProof.

In modern desktop publishing, important documents can be published in their thousands on a laser printer within a few hours or be instantly visible around the world on a web site, so proofreading of “the big three” — spelling, punctuation and grammar — is especially vital. That’s why FastProof exists.

WordShine (the name of our mother ship) means polished writing. They aim to say what you mean, and to do so they might completely rewrite your work. But that’s some heavy lifting, and FastProof doesn’t want to get its hands so dirty. We’re in a hurry — heck, you’re in a hurry! You’ve got thousands of copies waiting to print!

You only look after the writing, layout, fonts, graphics, colour, images, paper, printer, quantities, binding, packaging, customer database, address labels, covering letter, distribution, costs and the imminent avalanche of replies.

FastProof takes excellent care of the text.