Proofreading for everyone


Prices are the heart of a business. Our prices are pretty important to us but they’re vital to you. So we’ve kept them down to what we think is very affordable. But you can let us know about that.

FastProof prices – including GST
Up to 2000 words$25$50$100
PDF files subject to surcharge: $20.00 per file
Prices subject to change without notice

A FastProof order corrects up to a generous 2000 words (actually, the way we count it, it’s 2100 words). That’s about seven A4 pages. If you’re registered for GST, it costs you $21.74.

If you want more proofreading, you buy another 2000 words. Then another, and so on. You can order them all together or one a month or whatever you like. Of course, we’re happy for your orders to keep getting bigger but, at some point, we also expect that you’ll be asking us to sharpen our pencil — and we’re ready for that.

So if you regularly produce large documents, you need to talk to us. Ask us for a price.