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Proofreading for everyone

Writing is reason

We all hope and expect to be ruled by reason.

Years before we become adults, our childish instincts are firmly aligned with fair play. The child’s strident cry of “that’s not fair!” is invariably well-founded, but where does it come from?

The first source is the natural, innate sense of fairness. Later we gain access to a more detached, educated, adult understanding of justice.

Between the childish sense of fairness and the adult construction of justice lie years of exposure to varying levels of reason. Language links them together.

Reason is expressed in language, for it must be either spoken or written. The expression of reason is always according to the rules of grammar, for otherwise it becomes incomprehensible.

So writing is reason and it follows that the rules of grammar are the rules of reason itself.

Grammar is central to our law, our science, our education—in fact, central to our whole society.

Here is an appeal to our New Zealand educators: please recognise the central importance of grammar in the learning and practise of reason. This appeal is made because the teaching of grammar in our primary and secondary schools is now omitted to the point of negligence.

In refusing to teach them the grammar of their own language, you deny them access to reason.

Please teach our children the rules of grammar.

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